FAQ Spare Leash

As long as you are an animal lover and have animal experience with your own pet, friend’s pets, or have pet sitting experience you can apply to be a pet sitter. After applying to be a pet sitter, all sitters’ profiles will be vetted by the Spare Leash team. Once your profile has been accepted you will get an e-mail notification that your profile is now live. Only people who are qualified will receivee-mail.

If your sitter profile has been approved click the link in your approval e-mail to set up your interview today.

It is free to sign up to become a sitter with Spare Leash.

As long as you are an animal lover and have experience with friend’s pets, been pet sitting before you can apply to be a pet sitter, but you do need to be verified or interviewed by Spare Leash before you can start your pet sitting. Spare Leash also offers monthly meetings and training events. Check more here.

We have both – Chinese and Expat clients.No need to speak fluent Chinese, English speaking pet owners can still book you.

Unfortunately, we can only accept sitters that are older than 18 years. Families, where a parent can take responsibility are still welcome.

Yes, sitters can make their own schedule and can choose which days and times, they want to do bookings. Please make sure to update your profile if there are changes in your schedule. Tip: Holiday seasons are very popular, the earlier you update your holiday timings, the better.

At Spare Leash, we expect the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility from our pet sitters, which also includes following all local laws and policies. Please familiarize yourself with your own local laws regarding pets, pet sitting and related services.
We also strongly advise you to make sure you are allowed to board pets in your apartment by asking the landlord for your apartment beforehand boarding any under our service.

The client will have to cover any transportation fees that are connected with the pet during your service. You will not be able to get refunded for your own personal travel expenses unless directly discussed with the client beforehand. Transportation to and from meet and greets is also not included.

Yes, we are always in need of sitters with training experience. Click in the box training in your profile and share your previous experiences with trainingin your sitter profile.

If you are only free daytime only and not nights best to click our day sitting service option.

For boarding, you need to have an agreement and permission from your landlord in order to receive pets. If you don’t have this, you can do all the other services except boarding. Please check the services you can do on your profile directly.

When you housesit a pet, you will live at the home of the client and the pet can stay in the comfort of their familiar environment. Of course, you don’t have to be in the house the entire day but the pet should be your main focus and get all the necessary care you will also be required to sleep at the clients’ home.
Boarding is when the pet comes and lives at your home while their owner is away. Please make sure beforehand that you are allowed to have pets in your home and that your home is suitable for dogs/cats.

Please respond within 24 hours, as after that the request will be invalid.

You are able to cancel a reservation as long as its 5 days before the start date allowing the client enough time to find another suitable Spare Leash sitter. If you cancel after the 5-day mark you will be charged accordingly.

Housesitting, Boarding, Cat sitting 300RMB
For all other services 100RMB

Please contact the client directly as soon as possible and e-mail info@spareleash.com so are customer service team can help assist them.

Yes, this is possible, by only checking in small dogs in your profile you will only get a request from clients who own small dogs.

When you sign up as a pet sitter you can decide the cancellation policy to be flexible, moderate or strict. The policy you selected will apply which could mean no payment, partial payment or full payment if pet owner cancels booking last minute.
Flexible: I’m laid back no worries. Full refund 1 day prior to arrival
Moderate: Sooner I know, the better: full refund up to 5 days prior to the arrival
Strict: I’m a planner, lets confirm your stay today: 50% refund for cancellations made at least 7 days before service starts. Full refund if you cancel within 7 days before service starts.

Yes of course. It is completely up to you to accept or declinethe booking.

The meet and greet is very important not only for the client to meet the sitter but also for you, as the sitter, to make yourself familiar with the pet you will be taking care of. We urge our sitters to not rush through the meet and greet but take your time to talk about the pet and its needs. We have compiled a list of useful questions to ask during the meet and greet – please click here to see our meet and greet guide.

As a pet owner you want to get daily updates and see how your pets are doing and happy photos/videos of their furry babies reassure the owner that everything is going perfectly. It is up to the client how often they require updates, please ask this during the meet and greet directly. Normally it is one to three updates per day. Try to show the pets best moments with you and the pet owner will give you better reviews and ratings for you to receive more future bookings.

You will be living at the client’s home during the housesitting period, so please pack a bag with all necessities you need for this time. Most of the time the clients home will not be too far from your home, so if you forget to bring something, you can always return home to grab it.

When you board a pet at home, the owner has to bring the pets leash, harness/collar, food, treats and any medication/supplements if required. Usually, they will also bring the pet's bed or blanket, favorite toy or any other item their pet loves.

No, the pet owner is responsible for providing enough food for the entire pet sitting duration. Please make sure to discuss this during the meet and greet.

Yes, this is a must. Pet owners have to clean up after their dog, so if you are walking a dog, you will have to pick up their business. The pet owner will provide you with waste-bags, if you would like to purchase your own waste-bags, please contact Spare Leash.

This is up to the client and always has to be discussed beforehand. If you would like to have your friend, boy/girlfriend stay over with you, please discuss this matter with the client at the meet and greet or before your friend is coming over. Please do make sure to always ask for permission first.

Spare Leash will send you an email with the vet information directly 48 hours before your service takes place. If an emergency does happen best to act immediately and go to the vet, then inform owner. If you can’t get ahold of owner please call their emergency contact.
For more information and to be better prepare incase of emergencies please read our Spare Emergency list here.

We have a 100% Leash on policy, if you do not follow this rule you risk the dogs’ life (It can run away and get hit by a car), you will not be covered by Spare Leash and will be removed from our platform.

Please read our Spare Safety while walking here.

Safety is very important and therefore we ask our sitters to carefully read through our Safety101 here.

Please carefully read through our Safety101 here.

Is the dog chewing all the time or only when you leave it alone? If so try leaving him/her in an area without furniture or try to distract the dog with some chewing toys or bones. Usually chewing is a sign of boredom or anxiety. Try to give the dog more attention, exercise and see if this help with the chewing problem.

Spare Leash needs to review your sitter profile before you can start pet sitting. This can take up to 5 days, stay calm and look for our verification email.

In order to improve your profiles please upload as much information as possible. The more details you give about yourself and your experience with taking care of pets, the more comfortable clients will feel in booking you. A nice profile picture and some pictures of you and pets will also make your profile stand out. Furthermore, reviews are very important for your profile, so make sure to ask clients to write you a review once you have completed a booking. If you’re able to board a pet and would like our photographer to come help take professional photos of your place to show clients your home on your profile click here.

Sitters earn badges based on their experience with Spare Leash and with clients.
What do these mean? (Have badge photos)
-Profile checked, I.D. collected and E-mailed Verified
SL Verified
-Interviewed, I.D. and E-mail Verified
Super Sitter
-Good standing due to good reviews and ratings

Most importantly, please do not take pictures while walking a dog. The best is to take photos of the pet when you are at home and there is not a lot of distraction. Pet owners are the happiest when they see that their pet is happy, playing, cuddling or just sleeping.

After Spare Leash has verified your profile you can officially start as a sitter. In order to gain pet owners interest and to increase bookings, you should make a complete description completed with high quality and cute photos of you and pets. Try to give as much information as possible about you, your experience with pets and if you can also board, about your home. Respond fast to any booking request to reduce your response time. After the job is done you will be reviewed, the better reviews and ratings you have, the more bookings you will receive. It can also help to promote your own site on Wechat, Weibo, Instagram, and Facebook.
Everything on Spare Leash is based on trust; hence we have the right to delete any not reliable pet sitter from the Spare Leash platform at any time. For every cancellation, Spare Leash has the right to check out the sitter and even remove the sitter if they don’t have.

It is very important that you provide us with an emergency contact, so we can reach someone if something happens or if you are not reachable. The contact you choose has to live in the same city and has to be here during the time you are pet sitting. Please also make sure that you have informed your emergency contact that his/her number will be used.

Please log into your account and you are able to deactivate your profile in your dashboard.

The sitter will be paid with in 7 days after the service takes place.Please make sure to provide us with your payment information in your profile.

You will get compensated by Ali Pay, We Chat pay or to your bank card directly after the sitting is finished and up to one week after.

All payments need to be made through the Spare Leash platform. You agree that all transactions with any pet owner will be made through Spare Leash by using our platform. We do not charge anything to have your listing and be seen be thousands of pet owners, therefore we only make our money when you make yours, by taking a 20% booking fee.
If you fail to go through our platform you will be terminated. You also have a high risk if something happens to the pet while in your hands. The company and our help team will not be able to cover you. Sadly here in China, many pet owners leave pets behind when they travel and not come back to get them. This is something we prevent by asking for return tickets and if something were about to happen we are well known in the rescue community and can place the pet in a new home.

Yes, and we would love if our sitters follow us and share happy moments with their furry friends on our platforms. Please follow us on our Weibo, Wechat, Instagram and Facebook account.
For more information contact us at info@spareleash.com.