Spare Leash Sitter

Terms and Conditions

Spare Leash (or ‘we’) provides an online platform that permits pet owners and sitters (‘you’ or “your”) to use our website, system, and mobile version to connect both pet owners and sitters.

The terms and conditions below (‘Terms and Conditions’) conclude a legal agreement between you and Spare Leash Ltd. Please read these terms closely to guarantee you understand each part before using our services. Unless you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, you are not entitled to use our services. If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions, or any or all part(s) of the amendment(s), please immediately stop using our services. Once you start to use our services, you confirm that you fully understand and agree to Terms and Conditions, including any amendments to it, which we may provide at any time.

Before using Spare Leash you agree that:

Site Visitor/Users Data

Spare Leash will collect your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address and other information about you and in order to improve our services. All personal information is for Spare Leash use and will not be made public.

All of the information you share with Spare Leash must be true and up to date. You shall not conceal any issue about your home, your pet or any other issues, which may make it improper for you to use our services. If any information is false, Spare Leash has the right to refuse to provide service to anyone. In any case, Spare Leash suffers loss because of the false information you provide, or because of your concealment of significant information/issues, you shall be responsible for all liabilities, damages or compensation Spare Leash may suffer.

You agree Spare Leash users are held responsible for checking and reviewing these terms as these conditions can change at any time.

All Spare Leash Sitters are required to upload a photocopy of their current passport in the sign up process. We will keep all passport photocopies in your sitter file and if a client asks to have a copy of your passport you will be notified first. No passport photos will be released without sitter permission.

You will not replicate, copy or pose as Spare Leash with this data and you must be sure to keep your account private and secure.

You shall abide by the following principles when using our services:

  • You shall comply with all laws, regulations or policies applicable to you;
  • You shall not use our service in any illegal or criminal purpose;
  • You shall not infringe any third party’s rights by using our services;
  • You can only use this service for non-commercial purpose. You shall not use or make use of our services in any commercial or profitable operations or activities unless you get a written permission from us.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have full capacity for conducting civil activities in China to sign up with Spare Leash.
  • All profiles will be reviewed and only approved sitters can accept bookings.

Pet Rules and Regulations

You agree to follow all Chinese laws, regulations, and rules while your Spare Leash service is in place.

You agree and understand that no pets will be allowed to roam free or be allowed off leash under any circumstances while outside in unfenced areas or off your property.

Pet owners that own pets that are allowed to roam outside or come and go, as they please such as an outdoor cat will not be able to use the Spare Leash platform.

You will not try to harm a pet owner, or animal while using the Spare Leash services. In any case, a pet owner, a third party or any property is harmed or damaged because of your intentional act or negligence; you shall take the full responsibility. You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Spare Leash from any liabilities, damages or compensation.

You agree that if you have any complications with the Spare Leash services you will notify Spare Leash immediately.

If a pet owner fails to collect their pet within 72 hours after the service period is completed agree and understand that you must contact Spare Leash immediately.

Pet Tags and Registration

To use Spare Leash services, all dogs that are being serviced by a Spare Leash sitter must have an up to date identification tag in both English and Chinese.

If the pet owner you are doing a service for does not have an identification tag for their pet please inform them to order one today.

Along with the tag, pet owners are responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed to take care of the pet. The equipment and supplies should be snug and fit well so the pet cannot slip out. All pets must be on a leash while walking with a Spare leash sitter.

For more information please read Spare Safety 101 here .

Make sure to ask your dog clients if the dog owner has registered the dog at their nearest police station. If not please direct them to the Spare Leash Blog to find out how to register the dog today.

Multiple Pet Policies

All pets in the household must belong to the same owner unless booked for group boarding. You as the sitter must be notified ahead of time.

Meet and Greets (Highly suggested)

Before any commitments are made you will have a chance to meet both the pet owner and the pet. After the booking takes place the client will have 24 hours to confirm your booking.

You understand that Spare Leash is only a platform to connect you as a pet sitter to a pet owner. Spare Leash cannot be held liable for anything after the meet and greet have taken place. In any case, you suffer damage or loss because of any third party’s intentional act or negligence; Spare Leash shall not take any responsibility.

Meet and greets are free and are highly recommended if you are doing group boarding and if the animals have never met before, this is suggested for both the safety of the animals and you as a sitter.

It is the your responsibility to ask all appropriate questions, regarding feeding, veterinary information, walking times, litter box cleaning and day to day instructions that will help satisfy the animals sitting as much as possible.


If anyone else will be staying in your home during a service, please make sure to inform the pet owner during the meet and greet.

If you are housesitting in a pet owners home please ask ahead of time about guests, such as a spouse, child, boyfriend, or friends, or anyone else into the home. Please make this clear in the meet and greet.

For more information on meet and greets click here

Services Provided

Spare Leash, through its platform of pet sitters, provides services to pet owners included but not limited to pet boarding, house sitting, check-ins, cat sitting, daycare, dog walking, vet visits and other pet-related services.

If you agree to have a pet in your home, you must get landlord approval for living in a pet-friendly home.

Each sitter must also ensure:

  • Respond to use requests with in 48 hours. Any booking requests after this time limit will expire.
  • Be available for a face-to-face meet and greet before the service start date. If group boarding with other animals its highly recommended that a meet and greet take place before as a safety precaution. If a client refuses a meet and greet you as a sitter have a right to cancel the booking.
  • That the home where the meet and greet took place and agreed upon by both you and pet owner is where the pet sitting will take place.
  • If any other roommates or people in the home, they must agree to the pet being in the home. We would strongly advise they also come to the meet and greet.
  • Animals will always be cage-free in the home and free to roam as they please unless something else is discussed between you and pet owner.
  • Follow current rules and habits that the pet is used to and is provided by you to help keep a steady routine.
  • Size, temperature, cleanliness, and people in space must be fit for the pet. The number of animals in the home being hosted at one time must be reasonable and manageable for the sitter.
  • Be available to communicate efficiently with the pet owner on wechat and or other mobile applications before and during the service.
  • The days leading up to the booking make sure your available for follow up meet and greets or calls to help the client be at ease while preparing for the service. Breed and size of animals hosted should depend on local regulations.
  • If sitter is staying in the home of a pet owner make sure to leave the home as you found it, cleaning up any mess you have made and making sure to take all of your belongings with you.
  • Appropriate steps will be taken for the protection of the animals in case of fire or any other emergency.

Payment for Services Provided

Each sitter herby agrees on Spare Leash as the sole representative for the collection of payments made by pet owners for the sitters. Each sitter agrees that pet owners make payments directly on the Spare Leash platform.

Spare Leash charges a fee of 20% on every booking to cover costs of payment processing, marketing, and administration fees. This is calculated based on the price of the service and is automatically deducted from the sitter’s payment once the service is completed.

To sign up and create your own homepage is completely free of charge.

When accepting a booking from a client using the Spare Leash platform you as a pet sitter agree to complete all bookings and payment transactions through your Spare Leash sitter account. Failure of using Spare Leash when accepting a booking will lead to termination from the Spare Leash platform.

As a service provider, you will be asked to provide billing information such as name, email and wechat, Alipay, Wechat or credit card information to a third party payment gateway.

Spare Leash is holding the money on behalf of the sitter and will release your payment within 7 days after you have completed your booking. After these payments have been paid, any additional payment disputes between client and sitter, Spare Leash has no responsibility to resolve. Additionally, Spare Leash has no accountability with payments made outside of Spare Leash platform.

Spare Leash does not employ pet sitters. You, as an individual are responsible to pay for any income tax yourself.

If you cancel the booking after meeting and confirmed, you need to notify the client directly. If it is within 24 hours before the booking starts you also need to notify Spare Leash at A fee of 200RMB will be deducted from you directly.

If you loose a client’s keys, a fee of 150 RMB will be charged.

Spare Leash has the right to refuse service to anyone without reason.

Job Responsibilities:

Travel and arrive in a timely manner to all bookings, provide complete care for pets in their environment and give a peace of mind for pet parents who are away.

Agree to meet and greets to get familiar with the pet owner and animal, communicate effectively with pet parents via texts, written notes, and or phone calls. For example: If you have a cat check in for 1 hour from 9AM-10AM and show up at 9:15 AM- Please inform the client you arrived 15 minutes late so you will be staying until 10:15 AM today to complete a full hour…

Agree to send photo and video updates to clients while your service is taking place (amount of times per day depends on client) Agree to listen and follow clients rules according to the animals needs and wants, such as training, diet, and any tailored needs they may ask.

Have access to a computer, the Internet, and have a smartphone. Have a great attitude, be extremely detailed oriented, trustworthy, and responsible.

Follow animal rules according to city regulations, get familiarized with them, pick up waste and always have dogs on a leash, check harness/collar, leash and that the dog has an I.D. tag before starting the walk.

Treat the animal as if it was your own.


The Sitter will make sure to keep Spare Leash updated monthly, we recommend every 2 months an updated schedule of availability for us to share with our clients.

When the Sitter needs to cancel a scheduled booking due to unforeseen circumstances, he/she may appoint a substitute sitter from the Spare Leash team with an approval (wechat message) from the pet owner. Please arrive on time for all scheduled services and meet and greets. If running late you are responsible for informing the client directly.


All of the Spare Leash sitters have animal experience but even with extensive experience accidents do happen and can happen to anyone. If an emergency were to happen in our sitter's care we have created a plan on how best to get the dog safely back home.

  • calmly try to follow the dog

  • if dogs get out of sight, note the last street corner it has been seen

  • immediately contact Spare Leash and inform the owner

  • regularly check back your home and the owners home in case the dog found its way back go to the closest police station to check CCTV footage

  • ask people that are frequent in this area, if they have seen the dog (security guards, street cleaners, shop owners, police officers)

  • ask Spare Leash for “Lost Dog” flyer template and print flyers

  • put the dogs bedding outside your apartment/building

  • always carry treats with you

  • send regular updates to the owner and Spare Leash


  • calmly try to follow the cat

  • immediately contact Spare Leash and inform the owner

  • regularly check back your home and the owners home in case the cat found its way back ask people that often frequent this area, if they have seen the cat (security guards, street cleaners, shop owners, police officers) ask Spare Leash for “Lost Cat”

  • flyer template and print flyers

  • put the cats bedding and food outside your apartment/building

  • send regular updates to the owner and Spare Leash

Read more here


All pet owners agree to supply the sitter with all the accessories needed to make the pet as comfortable as possible. This includes food, treats, toys, bedding, blankets, bowls, leashes, collars, litter, and medication if needed.

Pet owners agree to supply the sitter with enough pet food to cover the total amount of time the pet is with the sitter.

If a purchase does need to be made, check with the pet owner directly before making the purchase. Pet owners agree to be responsible for the payment and will reimburse you upon their return for all purchases made.

To make sure the pet owner has accounted for everything while they are away reference our check list here.

Sitter Services

All animal lovers can sign up as a Spare Leash sitter but the ones verified with Spare Leash (have a photo of the badge here) must all go through a face-to-face interview before earning a badge. All of the ones with a verified badge have all owned, fostered or watched a pet and must have pet experience.

We collect all sitter passport copies and other relevant qualifications before a sitter becomes an active sitter on the Spare Leash platform. If you would like a copy to have while sitter is in service, please ask us directly and we will ask the sitters permission to share.

Sitter’s are required to note their response time on profile to help pet owners plan accordingly. Sitter’s should confirm or reject any new booking within 24 hours from when booking is requested.

Once sitter accepts the booking they agree to the Spare Leash service price and term conditions.

During the service sitters are required to send daily photo updates and messages to the pet owners daily.

After the service takes place all sitters agree that the payment be done on the Spare Leash platform. Using the Spare Leash platform allows the sitter the Spare Leash benefits of being insured and being paid by a trusted payment gateway.

After you have received 10 positive reviews and 5 stars you can become a super sitter with higher chance to get bookings.

If a sitter chooses not to use, or abuses the Spare Leash platform they will be removed and blocked from the platform immediately. All clients are informed when signing up the proper sitter procedure and to notify Spare Leash if they see that a sitter is not following these terms.

Spare Leash works as a trust-based platform. If a sitter or host accepts private bookings (bookings not made through Spare Leash) you prevent dog abandonment risk (no one pays in advance to abandon a dog), it allows us to track dog owners' identity in case of an emergency and of course guarantees that payments are made once the service has taken place.


After your service is completed pet owners are encouraged to write a review on the sitters profile. This review will be public and cannot be deleted after published unless the review includes inappropriate information.

The main point of this review is to give future pet owners some honest feedback before booking you. The more positive reviews the more likely you are to get booked by pet owners.

The Sitter is open to expected and unexpected performance reviews throughout the year. This is to keep high service standards and consistent service.

If you would like to report a review please send e-mail to us at and we will be sure to review this report further and get back to you.

Cancellation Policies

Spare Leash pet sitters offer three types of bookings. Each sitter will vary depending on availability. You choose what type of sitter you would like to book with on the sitter profile page. Booking options:

  • 1. I’m flexible , no worries (flexible cancellation policy): full refund up to 24 hours before the beginning of the reservation.
  • 2. I’m okay with a change in plans… (Moderate cancellation policy): full refund up to 3 days before the beginning of the reservation, then 50% refund afterward.
  • 3. I’m a planner , let’s confirm your stay today (strict cancellation policy): no refunds.

Reservations are made to plan sitter availability. Therefore, pet owner returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled including travel time.

If you need to cancel a confirmed booking please notify pet owner directly and cancel on your booking page. If it is within 48 hours before the booking starts you also need to notify Spare Leash customer support at and a fee of 200RMB will be deducted from you directly (please provide the booking reference number) and we will happy to help you.

Social Media Policy

In every booking, photographs or video footage will be taken of animal(s) that are using any of the services provided by Spare Leash. You give permission for any resulting photographs or video to be used for advertising or educational material, understanding that the resulting photographs or videos are the sole property of Spare Leash.

Pet Health

All animals in the home must be fully vaccinated and up to date on all shots and have received proper care from a licensed veterinarian. All pet information that you have released on the Spare Leash Platform and to the clients must be true and up to date.

The animal is not aggressive that you know of. If your pet has attacked, bitten or has aggressive issues you have made note of this on your profile. In any case that your pet harms another pet, you shall take the full responsibility. You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Spare Leash from any liabilities, damages or compensation.

For group services options involving multiple pets please make sure all pets in the home or that are included in the service have had proper treatment to avoid ticks and fleas and had all the vaccinations.

Emergencies: Veterinary and Animal Health Care

Both pet owner and sitter must provide an emergency contact that will be available or close by while you are traveling or doing a service. Best this person is familiar with the pet and you.

Pet owner agree to pay all costs for applicable pet insurance or veterinary services required for the pet(s) during the time period that the pet(s) is enrolled with Spare Leash. If the pet(s) becomes ill, you shall be notify the owner as soon as possible. The pet owner has the choice to select pet insurance through our partner insurance company, Allianz. You should make sure to keep the insurance number on hand while pet sitting.

Pet owner should cover all medical expenses resulting from an injury to a Spare Leash member or other person or animal caused by your animal(s) and all household damages caused by the dog.

In the event of an emergency, the pet sitter shall contact the owner at the numbers provided to confirm the owner's choice of action. If the owner cannot be reached, the sitter is authorized to either: (1) transport the dog(s) to the listed veterinarian, (2) request on-site treatment from a veterinarian, or (3) transport the dog(s) to an emergency clinic if the previous two options are not feasible. Owner agrees to reimburse the pet sitter for all expenses incurred up to a limit of $__. We will suggest that the pet owner leave a credit card on file with the veterinarian with a specific charge limit.

In case of an emergency please see below the measures that need to be taken in an emergency situation:


  • immediately take the pet to the vet, if owners vet is too far, take the pet to the nearest vet;
  • contact the owner and send regular updates;
  • tell vet all necessary information regarding the condition.
  • Medical emergencies could be: eating poison, allergic reaction, attack from another animal, car accident, if you notice any unusual behavior. Get owners approval if any major decision has to be made, in case of near death during vet visit: call the owner and let vet explain next steps to the owner.

For more information about Spare Leash insurance policy and coverage please click here .


Termination Text

  • If sitter doesn’t show up to a scheduled meet and greet immediate termination;
  • If sitter is late and doesn't notify client directly 100RMB penalty on service;
  • If sitter doesn’t follow through on service, immediate termination;
  • If sitter gets negative feedback, depending on the feedback sitter will get a warning or immediate termination from the platform.

You understand that these Terms and Conditions are valid from the date you sign up, log in or use the Spare Leash platform at, and you agree to follow any amendment to this Terms and Conditions, or future Spare Leash pet sitters term changes relayed verbally to you, mailed or emailed in writing to you, or posted on our website under the heading Terms and Conditions.

You state that you have read this Terms and Conditions in its entirety and fully understand and accept its terms and conditions. We recommend you keep a copy of this Terms and Conditions for your records.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions at any time, please feel free to contact us at