About Beasty

Beasty is a conscientious premium pet lifestyle brand that leads by example. Committed to styl- ish design, high-quality materials and collaborations with local charities, Beasty will not only ensure your pet is well taken care of, but that those without forever homes are too.

The inaugural product is the signature Duo Duo bed - the name is a tribute to both foundersʼ late pets who coincidentally shared the same name. The inner bed comprises a waterproof sack filled with human-grade shredded latex which is anti-bacterial, sustainable, and offers great joint support. The outer bedcovers are easily removable for convenient washing, and made from ultra durable fabrics from an award-winning European textile manufacturer. With one side faux leather and the other a breathable weave – hence “Duo”– this bed ensures your pet stays comfy cozy whatever the weather. The Duo Duo comes in four colors and four sizes, so whether you have a Persian cat or an Alaskan Malamute, the Beasty Duo Duo is the perfect bed for your furry friend to rest its head.

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