Spare Leash Privacy Policy

We take your privacy serious and care about how your private information is used and shared. Please read through our Privacy policy below.

By using the Spare Leash website, you allow that you accept the policies summarized below and herby approve that Spare Leash will collect your personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address and other relevant information about you and your pet in order to improve our services and will be shared in the following ways. All personal information is for Spare Leash use and will not be made public.

This Privacy policy covers how we handle different types of personal data that we gather from pet owner or sitters using our site. This information is used internally to allow you to create a pet owner or sitter profile. It is also used to contact you in case of emergency and to connect you to the sitter you have selected to book. Additionally, your data is used to analyze how you use our services. In some occasions, we might also share some Personal Information with third parties, as explained below.

If you are under 18, please do not sign up as a pet sitter or share any personal data about yourself on our platform. If we find out that we have gathered personal information from anyone below the age of 18 we will have this information deleted.

We at Spare Leash are continuously working on improving our services and will regularly update both our terms and conditions and Privacy policy and will notify you when we do so. You are responsible to reading our updated privacy policy and agree to the updated terms.

What information does Spare Leash collect?

Any information you provide to us in the sign up process will be stored and kept private. We might collect third-party account credentials such as wechat logins; you understand certain information in those accounts ("Third Party Account Information") may be conveyed into your Spare Leash account. This Privacy Policy covers some third Party Account Information. You might be required to verify your account through such third-party accounts to login and use some of our features.

We will keep you up on date with our newsletter via the email address you've provided us with in the sign up process. We might also send you marketing email offers on behalf of other pet related companies, or email you about Spare Leash updates, events or services. If you do not desire to receive any email updates from us you can turn this off in the email notification in your profile settings.

Some Information is Collected Automatically

Spare Leash will not sell or rent out any of your Personal Information in to anyone.

We store information on our backend system from your browser or device, this might contain your IP address, location data, device ID, cookies information, type of device you're using to access our platform, and the service or page you used. The "Cookies" helps us to identify your browser or device and will inform us how and when our pages are viewed.

However, if you click on any link to a third party website or service, they may also transmit cookies to you. We are not held responsible for any third party privacy policies.

The data collected might be used to improve our website and user experience Services.

Google Analytics:

Spare Leash is using Google Analytics in order to analyze our users pattern. Google Analytics is also using cookies to gather page views, how frequently you visit Spare Leash and what other sites you have visited before coming to us. This data will be used for us to improve our platform, services and your user experience. Also, Google Analytics will store your IP address but not your personal data. You can read more about Google Analytics here: https: //


There might be ads or partners using our site to promote their products. These products have nothing to do with Spare Leash and if you don't want to receive free samples or promotions you can turn this off in your settings.

Affiliations: From time to time we might work with affiliated businesses. We are not in control over what policies or deals a third party website or businesses uses. Please review the third party platform’s policies before you decide to purchase anything.

Will my Personal Information be protected?

We held your account protected with a password you select. If you access your account via a third party site such as WeChat, we cannot be held responsible. Any images or other content that you have uploaded on our platform might be shared to sitters for a better user interaction and to improve your service. In your account privacy settings you can edit what will be shared or not. Your phone number will always be kept private until you have confirmed and paid the booking this will be shared with the sitter of your choice.

We attempt to protect the privacy of your Spare Leash account. However, we cannot be held responsible for hardware or software failure, or other reasons. Within your account settings, you can access, edit or delete the information you've provided to us at any time.

If you have any questions about updating information we have kept on file about you or any question regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at