FAQ for Pet Owners

What is Spare Leash?

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Sign up or login and fill out all information about you and your pet(s) so that we have these on hand moving forward with your booking request. Once you have completed this process, you can view available sitters in your area who can help with your service and dates. You can also chat with them to see their availability and discuss logistics. Click here to start with your booking today.

Due to security reasons, please only reveal your wechat or other contact details to the sitters once they have confirmed to help you with your booking. Otherwise please keep all conversations within the chat.

We love when clients sign up as Spare sitters! This is a great way to meet other animal lovers as well as socialize your pets. Head to our sitter page and become a sitter. We will get back to you as soon as possible with your sitter application.

At the moment we do not offer pet relocation services but we do have some great companies that we can recommend to you. Please email info@spareleash.com.cn for more information and we would be happy to share with you some of our recommendations.

Find out more about our list of services, pricing and our long term discount here .

When choosing a pet sitter, the benefits vary depending on the type of service:

Dog walking or check in services are great when you just simply don’t have the time or just want someone to pop over and make sure everything is okay with your pet(s). All Spare Leash services come with photo & video updates, allowing you to relax knowing that your pet(s) are taken good care of with plenty of play time with the sitter.

Dog Boarding (your pet goes and stays at an experienced sitter’s home): Your pet will be in one of our trusted sitter’s home, who’s able to donate his or her time to your pet. We offer two boarding types:

- Single boarding - where your dog(s) will be the only ones boarding at the sitter’s home
- Group boarding - where your dog(s) will be boarding with another client’s dog, or if the sitter has a dog themselves. This is a great way to help socialize your pet allowing them to play with other furry friends! Our sitters have a blast with more animal time and the dogs get unlimited playtime. This goes for dogs, bunnies, hamsters and more!
Meet and greet is highly recommended before if you would like to book group boarding.

House sitting : (an experienced sitter comes stays over at your home and takes care of your pet) Your pet can stay in familiar surroundings while being cared for by a professional and insured pet sitter. Your pet(s) will receive plenty of love and attention whilst in the comfort of their own home and their routine will not be disrupted. All price inclusive, the pet sitter will also watch over your home, notify you if there is a problem with your house or your pet, also bring in the mail and water your plants.

Yes. Depending on the number of pets, charges and rates will be charged accordingly.

Each additional dog will be charged an extra fee of 20RMB per dog walk, and 20RMB per day if your service is house sitting.

All dogs at home must be owned by the homeowner for this to apply. If group boarding with other dogs then standard group boarding rates apply.

We don’t charge extra for additional cats, hamsters, rabbits, or other small furry friends per booking.

Yes. All Spare Leash sitters define the care they can offer on their sitter profile.

Yes, we ask all pet owners to register their dog according to local laws and it is a must to have a tag on your pet's collar with your full name and contact number (best in Chinese and English). Please also make sure to give your pet sitter your dog license card.

If you are boarding your pet at a pet sitter's home, please ask the pet sitter what their requirements are in terms of vaccinations. Please make sure that your pet has done all vaccinations that are legally required, and you should give the vaccination booklet to the pet sitter for the duration of your booking. The pet sitter will also let you know whether they require your pet to have a preventive tick or flea treatment applied.

If the sitter has pets of their own that will come into contact with your pet, make sure to ask the pet sitter which vaccinations their pets do or don't have.

Spare Leash is a platform created by animal lovers for animal lovers. Spare Leash consists of sitters who receive others' animals with happiness. All our pet sitters undergo a strict interview process where we shortlist and handpick them, to ensure your pets will be in good hands. Your furry friend will be much happier with one of our sitter who are passionate about animals than in a kennel.

Spare Leash sitters are all vetted and have gone through a face-to-face interview before becoming part of our team. They all have owned, fostered or watched a pet and have plenty of pet experience. We make sure they are animal lovers by bringing our pets to the interview. We also document our sitters’ passports before they become active for bookings. If you would like a copy of your sitter’s passport during your service, please ask us directly and we will ask the sitter’s permission to share.

Hiring a Spare Leash sitter might cost more than asking your neighbor or relative, but paying someone to do a job they have proper experience and training in can go a long way or even save a pet’s life.

Spare Leash was created to help both pets and pet owners by creating a high standard safe service for the pet and a worry-free service for the owner.

Yes, we encourage all pet owners and sitters to have ameet and greet before your service takes place. Once your sitter confirms they are available for your booking, you can use our chat to plan your meet and greet. If it is a group boarding, try to always meet outside first because sometimes the sitter’s pet will try to defend its territory.

If your pet will be boarding at our sitter’s home, it’s recommended to bestmeet and greetat their home so you can see the environment your pet will be staying whilst you’re away. During this time you want to make sure you are comfortable with the sitters home and make sure it fits your pets needs.

Example: if you have senior dog that isn’t good with stairs we would suggest picking a sitter who has access to an elevator.

If you are booking for house sitting, check in or dog walking service, a sitter will come take care of your pet at your home.

Our main goal at Spare Leash is to help you get connected with your perfect sitter. We do hope this sitter can be long-term but as people come and go and your sitter can be booked, we cannot guarantee the same sitter for every booking. If your sitter is unavailable, please go to bookings, select your service and dates and see more qualified sitters in your area who are available.

My plans changed but haven’t paid for my booking, How can I cancel my booking?

Simply let your pet sitter know about your plan changes on the chat and you can cancel your booking by clicking ‘Cancel booking’ under your Bookingstab when you are logged in. Please also inform us directly so that we are able to change this on our system in order for your pet sitter to receive other jobs.

I have paid for my booking and want to cancel it - will I get a full refund?

Please see our Cancellation and refund policies on our Terms and Condition for pet owners page here.

If your pet sitter is forced to cancel your booking that has been prepaid for reasons beyond their control, e.g. due to illness or a family emergency, please contact us directly on our support page and we will assist you in finding a replacement sitter for you.

If this is not acceptable for you, you have the right to cancel your booking and we can process you a refund within 30 working days.

We ask that all bookings to be made through the Spare Leash platform to keep both parties and the pet covered. Bookings that take place outside the platform will not be covered by Spare Leash insurance policy or emergency procedures. We will not be responsible if the booking is not completed and paid on spareleash.com.cn.

Absolutely. We do not disclose any client information to any third parties. Only the owners and/or the designated pet sitter will have access to your personal information such as name, number and address.

To make your life easier, we have made a Spare Leash checklist that you can give to your pet sitter. This list includes instructions about food, your dog's preferred games, your vet's name and address, and numbers of contacts in case of emergency. You can find this checklist below.

Download your Spare Checklist here:


Dog Boarding

Check In

I feed my pet a special diet, will you accommodate?

We try our best to accommodate you and your pet’s needs. Changing food can be dangerous so we want to keep your pet's routine and eating habits. All pet owners are responsible for supplying food for their pet while under the sitters’ care.

Our pet sitters agree to provide the services stated in our sitter agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. However, our pet sitters are only liable for claims arising from negligence or willful misconduct. Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for unusual mishaps (i.e. biting, furniture damage, spills, pet stains, water stains due or not due to pets actions etc.). Find out more in our terms and conditionshere .

If your pets have access to the outside, we are not responsible for injury, disappearance, or fines that result in problems that they may have caused. Please be certain to have a name tag and collar attached to each pet, including address and phone number in both English and Chinese.

Our sitters would have collected your emergency and insurance information during the meet and greet before the service takes place.

Our sitters have an emergency plan set in place. You can reference this here.

Since all our sitters underwent a strict interview process with us, incidents of emergencies happen very rarely. In case of an emergency, the pet sitter must call the owner directly and decide either to go to the closest veterinarian or go to the pet's own veterinarian. We do recommend ShenPu to all our sitters, as it is open 24/7. See our guidelines in case an emergency happenshere.

This is why it’s crucial for you to provide your emergency contact in your Spare Leash account. If your pet is sick, needs medication, is of senior age, to be safe please have an emergency plan set in place beforehand with a friend, family member, or vet who will be in town while you're away and inform your pet sitter of this plan.

By using the Spare Leash platform we have 100% sitter guarantee. If your current sitter runs into an emergency, we will contact you immediately and find another sitter who is available to help.

I want to leave a review for my pet sitter, how do I do this?

You can only leave reviews if you have paid your booking on our platform. Your booking with your pet sitter will show in your Bookings tab. Once your booking has been completed, and your pet sitter has been paid for their service via our platform, you can then leave a review by clicking on ‘Leave a review’.

Reviews are important as these will help pet sitters improve and acknowledge that their passion and hard work is recognised!

If you’re not happy with your booking experience, please contact us and let us know the reason. We are always looking for feedback and how we can enhance our Spare Leash services. If you send us your complaint within 72 hours of the service, had a meet and greet prior to the booking and left a poor review for the sitter you will be eligible for a refund. For more information on our refund policy please visit our terms and conditions here.

To confirm a booking proceed to payment in order to secure your sitter. Once payment is made your address and contact number will be visible to the sitter and make them unavailable to other pet owners in booking them on your dates.

If the meet and greet doesn't work out we are able to give you a full refund or switch the sitter so you're able to find your perfect sitter.